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Thanksgiving in July

August 1, 2020

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Thanksgiving in July

Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

Romans 1:21

Friday morning July 24th 2020 we have this program called North American missions United Pentecostal church and East district mean to Pennsylvania district has its own team and the purpose of American missions is to minister to and support and give resources advice training to Home missioners North American missions people who want to start churches in North American cities will the Pennsylvania district North American team has a special thing we do for the missionaries in July are they do something called Christmas in July and I we give gifts to them and to their children and an offering to all the home missionary North American Mission many of the work many hours at a secular job while they’re trying to start a church and they’re calling their city of calling with Christmas in July what to do something similar but I want to talk to you about Thanksgiving in July.

16 and verse 8 call upon his name make known his deeds among the people give thanks unto the Lord call upon his name and make known his deeds among the people talk about share declare always be posted on What the Lord Has Done in your life give thanks unto the Lord scripture text I want to talk to you about Thanksgiving and I was walking the sanctuary praying Tuesday morning and I do that many mornings probably more mornings a week that I don’t and sometimes I pray my dining room but anyways I was printing in the sanctuary and I was always praying Tuesday morning nothing just doesn’t happen often but this was different that was an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and Thanksgiving came over me you see everyday part of my prayer time is always praise and worship I open up every first session with Thanksgiving and praise and worship for thanking God for things in my life but this was different since you probably had to happen to you before something swept into that place and I just got lost in the wonderful thankful for all that was around base of being overwhelmed and anxious than looking at would need to be to be done things that work right you’re probably thinking to yourself sitting in your living room or wherever you’re at and wondering well why Pastor better leave well you got to see Ginger my video she’s walking around there you’re saying why

Pastor did you receive some good news did you have a special prayer request the same care that were there the day before were there that day the same troubles that were there when I woke up in the morning we’re still there but as I pray to begin to think of the goodness of the Lord Thanksgiving private what I was saying before but it where it started but I was nonetheless overwhelmed with Thanksgiving and joy and peace that place spontaneous giving of thanks is wonderful but what if we could really live there to talk about it’s wonderful to have spontaneous Thanksgiving Charles Dickens made this quote many years ago somewhere and I think I had it written down when he was Charles Dickens said we have it backwards in America he said we should have 364 days a year to be thankful complain don’t talk about Thanksgiving in July thanks living is what I’m really talking about thanksliving is intentional because we’re going to have Thanksgiving in July and then we have to have thanks living or anyone for that matter other than November 4th at Thanksgiving in September we’re going to have Thanksgiving in November if we’re going to Thanksgiving in May and April if we’re going to have Thanksgiving we might an attitude of gratitude in modern society in our / days of prosperity and that danger is the more we have the less grateful we become and the more title we think we are and that is the plate of America we’re so blessed that we think we’re entitled he was talking about in

1st Thessalonians 5:18 in everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you what Paul was saying is that the good days give thanks in the bad situations give thanks Thursday morning give thanks Sunday morningcall was saying everything in every circumstances every situation in every moment give thanks that’s nice living I want to reach you a startling scripture in the moment but I want to ask you you’re probably thinking to yourself is it possible it doesn’t really matter if it’s possible to live a life of Thanksgiving and does it really matters what you think of yourself and the answer to both questions is yes and it matters what is it matter Romans chapter 1 verse 21 says this because that when they knew God they glorified him not as God neither but Brittany King bean and their imaginations in their foolish Hearts were darkened to a Godless and reprobate mind scripture the process in the I am stopping for now it’s it’s